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Responding, reacting, and make it happen vs. Creating inside your being

Summary of philosophy:

Some situations call for immediate and decisive action—that’s life. The curiosity to solve includes noticing, identifying, analyzing, rethinking, concluding, acting on, and/or reacting to the situation. To make change through edict or by whatever means is at hand to achieve the goal, get the job done, make the sale, or win at all costs is often a recipe for the mediocre and a solution that doesn’t always stick.

Consider the alternative of creating and goal achieving by calling in change and working inside yourself. By exercising and harnessing your innate power, feelings, affirmations, and visualization, you can manifest changes that stick—the highest, best solutions, and outcomes for all concerned, whether business or personal.

Mission Statement:

At David Sweet Inc., we believe you can be better than you ever believed and that change and manifestation to discover who you are and exercising your inner power for the good is within everyone’s reach. All you have to do is choose to get started. We offer the catalysts, inspiration, and mental tools.